February 9, 2017

For Sale

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HOT Virtual Property For Sale

Here is the spiel on buying the site –

Please make your bid in the comments below

Starting bid is set at 0.5 of an avg commission in the Santa Monica Area at 2.5% commission.

0.5 x 2.5% x 1,500,000 = $18750

(Zillow┬áposts the “median home value in Santa Monica is $1,502,700”)

With a number one ranking we expect you to receive several extra deals per year (both buyers and sellers) so the ROI on half of one commission is outstanding!

Any questions may also be asked in the comments section below

Terms and Disclosures
Auction will close by 11pm such&such PST

Escrow will be via Escrow.com. For your peace of mind Buyer and seller to pay 50% of escrow fees (approx $200 each)

On closing Website and Yelp will be changed over into your name and all passwords etc will be handed over.

If you want us to manage your site in an ongoing way a niminal monthly fee will be there depending on what your need.

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